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March 5, 2020
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10 Rules for Hanging Pictures

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Since everyone likes to conduct things differently, you'll discover that every person has their own feelings on how hanging photos should be done. There are not any hard and fast rules, but you're likely to find the following ten suggestions very helpful the next time you wish to hang up some picture frames.

1. Use candle wax on threads to act as a lubricant and to keep the screw from breaking when you drive it into the frame.

2. Hang frames using either D-rings or screw eyes that are positioned one quarter of the length down from the top of the frame on both sides. In order to keep from splitting the frame, make sure that you drill pilot holes before you drive in the actual screws, and do not drill those holes too close to the outer edges of the frame. Furthermore, if your frame has got a sloped or uneven molding, make sure to position the pilot holes in the very deepest place in the wood.

3. Always be sure that whichever hanging method you choose to use, it is strong enough to handle the weight of the frame to be hung. Most nails and other picture hanging fixtures and fittings come with a specific weight rating to help direct you, so be certain that you know at least the estimated weight of the frame or frames you'll be hanging.

4. To make sure of the safety of the artwork - so that it does not fall off the wall to its demise - don't use regular garden twine or cotton thread because they can break easily; use only picture cord or else picture wire. Some people also prefer to use chain, but it's not nearly as common.

5. If indeed you do choose to use cord rather than wire, then it is a great idea to use a knot that is self-tightening, such as a reef knot. After you have threaded the cord through both of the rings, ensure that it is tied firmly with a reef knot. A reef knot is actually a nice and easy knot to tie, all you need to do is go left end over right and then wrap the end under, and then go right over left and then bring the end under.

6. If you choose to use picture wire, simply double loop the picture wire through the D ring or screw eye and then wrap it around itself toward the middle of the frame to secure it.

7. If you have softer walls, then the best thing to choose is an X hook which will come with matching nails. The larger X hooks together with wall anchors are more suitable for hard walls.

8. Once you have connected the picture wire or cord securely to the back of the picture frame, test its strength by holding your frame by the cord. Make sure that when you do this you're not holding it too far from the floor- if it did happen to fail, you would not want one of your beloved antique picture frames to go plummeting to the ground!

9. When determining the positioning of your wall hook that will support your artwork, keep in mind that the most pleasing way to view artwork is at eye level so make sure that is where it hangs.

10. To prop the picture away from the wall, use two pieces of cork or other soft material on both bottom corners of your picture frame.

So just keep these tips in mind next time you go to hang a few photos, and you cannot go wrong.


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