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March 30, 2020
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4Sync Makes Online Storage Easy

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You have probably read about Google's attempts at "cloud" storage or at Dell's "cloud" storage" servers or, possibly, Microsoft's "SkyDrive," however, if you notice that each of these is run by a major computer firm and it is tied to their service, however, that does not have to be the case at all.

With 4Sync, while it is still located off-site on "cloud" drives owned by an ISP, it is local enough to allow you to sync all of your: videos; files; photos; slide shows; workgroup projects and more.

4Sync allows you up to 15GB of free storage space and you are limited by your subscription as to the amount of additional storage you can purchase and use. It is a very quick process when you upgrade a single office or group of workgroup machines than it is to upgrade and synchronize a large enterprise system.

The key to 4Sync, though, is the fact that while you are saving your files across the "cloud" to another remote site - like the major ones already mentioned - you are focusing, still, on the files that make sense and affect your business or family.

The nice piece to 4Sync is that, using its wizard and login, you can have access to files and upgrade them from virtually anywhere on the net without resorting to the need to log into major companies, whose Cloud services do work well, but they usually are far more enterprise-oriented than is 4Sync.

4Sync allows you to sync up your devices, drop the results in your organizations "bucket," if you will allow the analogy, and then when you want to look at just your files or photos, you just log into your account and there they are.

You can share your files across Windows or Apple systems or, with the right app, you can use an Android-controlled system to access and watch your or sync the data you have in your "bucket."

And, while it is not as quick as some of the enterprise-oriented systems such as SkyDrive or Google's "cloud" system, you will find that you can share your personal files with only those people with whom you want to share them with, knowing that they are safely stored on a smaller, more personal system. It is an interesting concept in "personal cloud computing", specially for those smartphone users who until recently had not so many options for their personal online storage.


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