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July 30, 2020
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Benefits of Printing with Double Sided Photo Paper

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Technology is helping us realize true convenience. Given the right equipment and a good dose of creativity, almost anyone could now produce works that look professional. The best way to succeed - in a business or in a personal, creative effort - is to have excellent marketing materials. If you are wary about the service cost of printing presses, you can cut back the cost by choosing high-quality materials. A good printer should be first on your list if you're trying to promote yourself or a product.

A variety of printers are available to fit every need and budget. In this case, you need the right type of paper that you can use for your for printing needs. Duplex printing, as its name suggests, uses two sides of the paper like you might see in a magazine. You can achieve the high quality found in magazine pages, while cutting your printing and paper costs, by using double sided photo paper. But you've always got a choice, even with your photo paper. The first thing you need to do is to know which kind of double sided photo paper you need to use.

Below, you will find several kinds of double sided photo paper to choose from.

Matte: This finish is desirable because it prevents your finished product from smudging and producing glare.

*High Gloss- Among the four, this type of double sided photo paper is the glossiest of them all. Use this to exhibit images.

Standard gloss- Known also as "glossy paper," this kind of double sided photo paper will give your photos a shine, but won't go over the top. It's not matte, but not overly glossy; for most, it's perfectly in the middle.

*Soft Gloss- This type of double sided photo paper has the least shine in it. This is the solution if you're looking for glossy, but nothing fancy, a very subdued kind of sheen.

As you learn about different kinds of double sided photo paper, you must know how you can use them with your printer.

*Before you print your double sided photo paper, check the packaging first if there are directions written on it. If none, you can proceed with the standard instructions.

Click properties in the settings for your printer.

*In the main section, go to Media Type and select the type of paper you are using. It is optional if you want to customize the different settings.

Then go to Page Setup. Then check page size. Choose the right size of paper.

*Once all is set, click the OK button.

*To maintain the quality of your paper, store paper away from places that are humid, have temperature and of course, direct sunlight.

Keep unused paper in the package to keep it clean. If you want quality printing every time, you must maintain the condition of your paper.


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