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October 4, 2020
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How To Use Vellum For Scrapbook Ideas

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Vellum is a high quality strong paper that originally could only be produced in cream and white shades. Vellum can now be purchased in a variety of colors and designs including embossed and decorated.

Vellum Is a fantastic way of adding color, elegance and dimension when creating scrapbook pages. There are a multitude of techniques that can be incorporated to make everyday photos look amazing.

Vellum paper is transparent meaning this type of paper is especially nice to use if you want to soften a picture or scrapbook page layouts. Because vellum is not porous, adhesives and glues will show through the paper so it is necessary to find an adhesive that is designed for vellum paper or alternatively if you must use an adhesive that shows though use it sparingly and try to hide any unpleasant marks with either paper, embellishments or punch outs.

Alternatively a common way of attaching vellum in your scrapbook ideas is to use brads or eyelets. These items will hold the vellum in place and also embellish it at the same time.

When using vellum for your scrapbook ideas you will need to take extra care as the paper itself if extremely delicate. Take care not to smudge or crease the paper as this can look unsightly and spoil the crisp look that vellum gives. Always handle with clean hands as grease will easily show up on the paper.

Because you can see through vellum it is a great material for tracing. You can trace your scrapbook quotes or even pictures and simply cut them out giving an extra dimension for your scrapbook ideas.

I have recently been using vellum with a printer and have created some wonderful scrapbook quotes that really add the finishing touch to your scrapbook page layouts. It is essential to leave the ink to dry well before adding to your project as the ink will easily smudge. If you are printing more than one sheet remember to remove the first sheet from the printer once printed so the second sheet does not ruin it as it comes out.

One of the most effective scrapbook ideas for vellum is to tear it. Tearing the paper will produce a lovely soft look and inking the torn edges can really make it stand out.

Do not be afraid to experiment and try different ways of using vellum to discover what looks best on your page. You may find a photo that would look good with the vellum mounted under a photo or alternatively placing the vellum over part or the entire picture will give it a softer effect.

Vellum can be found in most craft stores and is easily available to purchase on the internet. It is more expensive than standard paper but in my opinion well worth the extra cost. Generally speaking the more elaborate the design the more you will pay with embossed and glittered vellum usually being the most expensive.


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