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October 3, 2020
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Ideas For Creating Picture Frame Displays

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Using Fewer Than Seven Frames

There are many ways to "rehearse" the layout of your picture frames. Some people work with scrap or grid paper, drawing the frames to scale in different arrangements until they find the best layout. Most people, however, need a more visual approach to picture frame arrangements. If you only have a few frames, like six or seven, then it's pretty easy to just arrange them on the floor, moving them around until you are satisfied with the layout.

Arranging More Than Seven Frames

When you have more than seven frames to arrange, you can make templates to help to arrange them. First, assign a number to each frame. Next, trace each frame on paper, then number the tracing with the number of the frame. Cut out the paper, and use these as templates to arrange and rearrange on your floor until you are pleased with what you see. Tape the templates to your wall in your chosen arrangement using removable tape, which won't damage your walls. Use this placement to determine where the hooks and nails for hanging will go. Remove a template and replace with the actual picture frame before you take down another template.
If you arrange your frames well, you can actually include a variety of different types of pieces and still have it look cohesive. Even including such varied items as sports paraphernalia and needlework can look good if done well.

Making a Family Photo Wall Display

Many people enjoy making a wall display out of family pictures. If you start out and make an attractive arrangement with the first pictures that you hang up, you can still add more pictures around the edges over time and the arrangement will still look good. The best way to keep this type of display cohesive is to choose frames that are similar to each other. It does not matter what type of material they are made of, but if you keep things all the same color, whether brown, gold, or simple black picture frames, you will be happy with your arrangement.

Frames Not On the Wall

Picture frames don't always have to hang on a wall. The most popular ways to display pictures not on a wall are with the use of frames that have easel backs. Propping frames on a mantel has a casual attitude that appeals to many. Another great option is to use a floor easel; they range from very simple three-legged designs to much more ornate styles. The most popular finishes are wood tone, black, and brass. Easels can be found in furniture stores or the home decor department of other stores; of course you can find a wide variety of picture frame easels online as well. The possibilities for using art in a room's decor can be greatly expanded with the use of a decorative floor easel.
Photo frames can be grouped together for an attractive display on bookshelves, pianos, and side tables. These arrangements work well in any style of decor, whether it is modern to traditional or anything in between.


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